Sunday, December 2, 2012

Learning about products

When I took Jeff Legg's class, he used Gamblin products.  You know how it goes, if the instructor is using a product and getting beautiful results, you have to buy it and make your work comparable!  I purchased a sampler set of Gamblin products from our local art store. The set contained Gamsol, Galkyd, NeoMeglip, Refined Linseed oil, Galkyd Gel, Cold Wax and a sample of Fast Matte Oil color(transparent earth red).
So far I have used Galkyd, Gamsol and Cold Wax.

Here is my experience:
Jeff leaves his background loose and undefined, ie not completely painted.  When the painting is finished, he uses some black paint and Galkyd slow dry or Galkyd lite to make a glaze and knock back the lighter part of the background.  This GLAZE also is mixed with a bit of Gamsol to thin the Galkyd lite.
Before glaze

I used Galkyd from the sampler pack, Gamsol and black oil paint to make my glaze.
Galkyd, (I didn't know this at the time) is a much thicker medium.  It made my glaze thicker and shinier than I wanted.

Steel wool
What I have done since to de-shine the painting.  I used 0000 steel wool, very carefully, horizontally and vertically over the painting.  Then I mixed a small amount of cold wax and Gamsol(oms) to make a very thin paste.  It was more liquid and the proportions suggested by Gamblin are: one part cold wax to 2 parts Gamsol.  "Add more cold wax for matting or to create a wax varnish."  This is applied in a circular motion and left to dry for 24 hours, then buffed to the desired sheen.  I dampened a very small piece of shop towel with Gamsol, wiped it over the Wax and followed instructions for applying.  Buffing is next!

Added cold wax medium & OMS(Gamsol)

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