Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sketching summer

The last few weeks have continued to be a blur of activity, starting with sketching in Mulkilteo with the Urban Sketchers and most recently sketching in a private home that was cozy, colorful and full of cute collections all artistically arranged.

In the middle of all this summer of art, I learned to tip my kayak over (yes, while I was in it), and here's the best part, get back in while in deep water!  Don't ask, just look it up, something involving a paddle float on the paddle and climbing up the back of the kayak!

From the Lighthouse looking up the hill at Mulkilteo

A bit of a problem on the bottom of the Lighthouse, but Mike told me the top was good

I love this painting, its fun!

Sharens Art vignettes

Fred sketching Spoiled Dog Winery

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  1. I like your style it reminds me of illustration, and leaves a good feeling. Like something out of a child's picture books. But I see you adapt it to a variety of environments/subjects in your art.


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