Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September = Farm and Garden Tour

Our sketching group has been visiting alpacas, chickens and various other farm places.  One of the best was Pronkin Pastures Alpaca Farm, on North Bluff Rd in Greenbank.  PP is a peaceful oasis where the Alpacas play and make their beautiful wool.  It is set up so one can go into the fenced area where they hang out and sit in adirondack chairs and enjoy their meditative movements.
Could this be Jessica or was that the Llama?

 This year the star was a small guy named Gus, for August, named for the month he was born.  He is just as cute and perky as can be, curious about the older girls in the yard and pronking (jumping straight up) around exploring and visiting everyone.
There is also a buck-toothed Llama that protects the herd.

 I highly recommend this farm as a place to bring a friend and enjoy nature.  The setting is in the woods with sea breezes, so bring a jacket
Llama with a serious tooth problem.  Do you know these animals only have bottom teeth?

Our next visit was to Quail Run Farm off of Bailey Rd in Clinton.  Here we made friends with some chickens and ducks.
We like this little hen in the corner, she was meditating!

This past week we visited Cultus Bay Nursery where I settled by the pond and tried to paint the reflections
Cultus Bay Nursery Pond

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