Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Bride Wore Cowboy Boots

Late afternoon view with no sun 8-(
Last week I was included in an "everyone is family," wedding in Kentucky.  I knew the groom, one of my nieces was decorating for the affair and, my other niece and her children were in the wedding.  Kyle considers my sister his other mother, so I was his aunt for the wedding!

Yahoo!  Beautiful sun after morning rain!

My view of the stage
The wedding was held in a bright red barn with intertwined wreaths over the door and curtains of tobacco row covering creating a drape down each side.  The seating in the barn was on hay bales, and benches covered with white blankets or quilts.  The bride and groom and attendants were on a stage just in front of the barn.  This area was beautifully decorated with drapery, burlap, magnolias and the most gorgeous ferns and views of the cows roaming the fields.  (Tobacco row covering is a durable, see through and unique fabric that was used for curtains, bows and drapery.) 

The bride wore a beautiful gown.  I'm not good at describing this, except to say it wasn't big and fluffy, but simple with a short train that she had to carry.  She wore boots!  I loved it.  The bridesmaids were in an pretty eggplant or muted green short dress, baby breath wreaths on their hair and boots.  The ushers, all part of friends and family were boys dressed in a beige shirt with a white cowboy hat.  My niece and her children played a part as bridesmaid and her children, usher and flower girl.

Check out the cart

The bride and groom have been together for a while and have a young daughter almost two that was rolled down the aisle in an old fashioned cart and was entertained during the ceremony by her grandpa with an ipad! The whole effect was beautiful, unique and so Kentucky.

The happy couple
After the service when the couple walked down the aisle a burlap cover was dropped showering them with crushed hydrangeas.
 Music, was Reba and other country singers, singing about love and during the ceremony two young men played the guitar. The whole affair rocked and put a big smile on my face!  It was a beautiful celebration.  I still want that playlist Kyle!

The party afterwards was held in a huge building and catered in a unique way.  The food was very country and served in large enamel bowls and dishes were aluminum pie plates! My Northwest soul says don't ask if they were trashed or recycled.  Here are some other sketches!

There were more cows in the distance and that funky looking animal on the right is a pony.
I loved this pose and her haircut!

Maggie's beautiful blouse.

Loved his shirt color and his white sunglasses repeating the shape of his head.

Sitting outside the barn with the view of the farm & stage.

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