Wednesday, May 28, 2014


There has been a pause in the Every Day in May challenge.  I was able to join a class taught by Pam Ingalls and was painting with her for four days at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio.  Pam is a terrific teacher, a colorist who works ala prima or all at once. Her work is fresh and vibrant.
We worked in black and white the first day then added color, trying to match the value we made in black/white to the color value.  This is very hard for me to see and I vow to make sure that I have a light on my palette so I can see what the colors are.  I am working on a painting of an antique desk and chair that will not be ala prima (Pam's style) because all the values are off.
The bonus of taking this class was Pams terrific demo of a guest bathroom sink.  I've always wanted to paint interiors; after all we spend a lot of time indoors around here when its raining and there is something intimate about a scene that shows the presence of people, like an unmade bed or half eaten apple, or how the towel hangs over the sink.  I hope to work some more along these lines. Thanks Pam and Cary for a great class.  Enjoy.


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