Saturday, May 17, 2014

EDIM 7, 8, 9 sketch challenge

7. One boring white microwave, coming up!  Two useless cubbies above, one social commentary on the uselessness of said cubbies.  Okay, they hold bread baking pans, but that is it!
8.  I did like the Mirror image.  I was wondering what I would do for a mirror image and looked down at my feet on the foot stool and the lightbulb went off.
9.  I cheated and did the garden shadows on the same day as the umbrella!  The light cooperated and made that challenge a no brainer!  This really is fun and opens your thoughts to seeing things to sketch in a new light.
EDIM #7 Microwave

EDIM #8 Mirror image

EDIM #9 shadows

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