Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Crows and Ravens are such clever birds.   Here in Langley, we celebrate the sometimes pesky birds with cutouts all around the town.  Yes, Langley is a Whale town, but when the grays and orcas are traveling North to Alaska and South to Baja, there is a lull and we fill that lull with bigger than life size cutout images of our clever, funny, pesky crows. 

Crows overlooking Saratoga Passage
This month at Whidbey Art Gallery, we are having a group show, called Winters' Muse.  In that show are several themes relating to Winter and that includes a couple of crows.  These are mine!  Opening night is this Saturday, January 3rd.
RUFFLED, framed acrylic ink 

THINKING, unframed (in the print bin)

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