Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Friends with beautiful Gardens

Occasionally the Sketchers go to Private gardens and sketch.  These two sketches are from friends homes that live in the Useless Bay area.
Susan's home will be on the Whidbey Island Garden tour this summer, so preview the new Rose Garden bones now and see what it will look like come late June.  Susan loves to grow flowers and uses many of them in altar arrangements at St. Augustines Episcopal Church in the Woods.  She and Kevin live on a beautiful piece of land with wonderful trees,  (including  a Big Leaf Maple rock eating tree), Rhododendren, Pizza oven and a view of the water.

Future Celtic Cross Rose Garden
Trevor is a Whidbey Wacky Woman.  We belonged to this arts & crafts group many years ago, before I "formally" became a "fine" artist.  She is always fun to be around and talk to; matter of fact after everyone left, I stayed longer and helped her rearrange some furniture.  What else would Wacky Women do!  We hang out at St A's after coffee hour.  Thank you Susan & Trevor for letting our sketching group come and enjoy your garden.

Golf course view from Trevor's patio = peace!

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