Monday, June 13, 2016

Sandri's playhouse

Sketchers spent a delightful afternoon sketching at one of the homes that will be on the Whidbey Island Garden tour this next weekend.  Susan and Kevin invited us to see the completed project.  We were there earlier this year while they were still building the Rose Garden.

Yes, they will be known as Tutu and Pappy!
One of the new additions to the garden is a cute Bob Bowling playhouse that their grandchildren will use.  They can't wait till the first little girl is old enough to enjoy playing there.  I channeled Emily Carr, with the big trees to try and show the small size of this cute shed and its location on the property.
When the weather turned chilly and rainy we headed into the house for a bit of Happy Hour.  What fun sharing stories and meeting Todd Eugene who created the gates for the garden.
Thank you Kevin, Susan and Mikey for such a terrific day!

Top of the pizza oven outside and glass bottles inside
Looking down on The lion fountain from the porch.

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