Sunday, March 19, 2017

True Confessions

True confession from a paralyzed mind, and a getting chubbier body.  Has life since Elections and January 20th taken you, shaken you, left you wondering what the hey?  It has me!
Without going into too many details, except to say I live on Whidbey Island in Western Washington, you might get the picture.  I have marched in my little 1000 person town with 1200 marchers, men, and women, (where did they all come from?), read numerous Newspapers, FB, TV stations.
Our current Resident in chief at the White House leaves me wondering; then, like a murder mystery, I stay hooked, wondering even more what the outcome will be.
Some of my friends and family are supporters of the Resident and I almost wish he would live up to their expectations, but he is no Harry Potter with a magic wand and I bet he wishes he had an invisible cape!
I'm actually reading Catherine the Great and loving it, but it is looong.  I yearn for a good whodunnit that doesn't involve politics, just to relax my mind.
So, even though I haven't been posting, I have occasionally sketched and hid in my studio painting.  I've also traveled to Santa Fe for a beloved nephew's wedding, had my gallbladder removed six months after receiving a pacemaker.  Not to worry, I am getting back up to speed, increasing the dog walks and dream of finding a chair yoga class.
Following this true confession, you will find some results with descriptions of when and where below the photo.  Next time, I'll post some oils.
Kachina dolls mounted on a wall at the El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe NM

More Kachinas!  Yes, I did go to the wonderful Georgia O Keefe museum!

It was so cold, sketching outside was out of the question.

It's whale season on Whidbey.  This is a replica in our fantastic whale museum in Langley.

Whale museum Walrus skull!

Welcome to Blueschool Art center, Clinton WA

The outside of the charming Blueschool!  Rainy day, but still sweet looking with the wipers swishing away.

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