Sunday, January 24, 2016


WAIF or Whidbey Animals Improvement Foundation, on Facebook is a brand new facility in Coupeville.  I was impressed by how roomy and how much room is available for lost pets or pets needing a new home.
I spent Friday with my Sketching buddies and...Little girl, Millie, Sophie and Olive at Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation (WAIF) in Coupeville.  The facility is new and quite nice.  The animals get loving from the many volunteers.  One volunteer came into the room I was in and took each kitty out one by one and spent time in a quiet room with that one kitty!
Olive is a favorite on everyone because she is so mellow.  Her colors are delicate with fine lines outlining her eyes and nose.  She posed for a while behind the bars but when I opened the cage she took off to explore the room.  I can't sketch a moving target!
Millie and Little girls like hanging out in their cage.  Millie has a bit of OCD with the litter box.  I wrote that she cleaned it about 4x, but it was really 8 when she finished!  Clean kitty and pretty to boot!

I used a brush pen on the Olive sketch to the right! Sophie gave me one minute in the bed, then took off.  Its so hard to sketch details on an all black cat!

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