Thursday, June 17, 2010


                                          The hummingbirds love this foxglove.

Johns' creative garden lamps.

These fence sections will be filled with dry plant material in the fall and                                  planted below with Clematis disguising the lovely tank!

Gardening is my other passion.  We garden about one acre, the other three acres are lawn and trees.  About eleven years ago this property was mostly grass and upturned tree trunks in the back yard.  I spent the first few years madly creating beds, hardscape and a space to display art in the garden.

I've always been a recycler before it became so popular and it shows in our garden.  There are old windows and doors used in new buildings; a display fence of rock grading screen, creative art work using glass, concrete and rebar.  This year we built a garden closet under the eaves and just the other day made two standing fences, called compost fencing to hide the Propane tank.

Our friend John is very creative with recycled bits and pieces.  He turns them into the most wonderful sculptures that live outside!  He has loaned us three pieces that look like lamps for the garden tour this weekend.  They are made from large glass water bottles, metal rods, lamp parts and ridged glass shades.  They glow as if there is a light on inside.  Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!
p.s. You can see art by John all over downtown Langley.


  1. Love the garden, Pat. Great photos. Really puts me in your back yard. Beautiful!

  2. Lovely garden, Pat! Isn't foxglove a delight? I really like the haphazard fashion that it volunteers.


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