Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring & Strawberries

It has been a long, cold, wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  I know, you will say what about those beach sketches?  Weren't you in Hawaii?  Yes, we had a winter break, but I'm thinking it was too soon.  The rain Gods were relentless when we returned; the rain came down almost constantly and the temperature was raw.

What a celebration, when I saw strawberries at the supermarket.  Yes, they are from California, and buying local is our mantra, but OMG, strawberries, and then, THE SUN came out!   Before we ate all of them, I painted a few to remember the moment.  I am not sure this is finished, so comments welcome.  I just had to post some pretty Spring colors.

Spring strawberries (feels lopsided)
For my artist friends:  On Friday, I went to the sixth annual Bizart Conference,  at Edmonds Community College.  This was a two day brain workout for writers, performers and artists.  The subjects covered, ranged from Building Business Relationships in an Electronic Era, to 100 Promotional Ideas for Under $100.  One of my classes was with the manager of Columbia City Gallery in Southeast Seattle.  Talking to her in a 20 minute one to one opened my eyes about the realities of running a group art gallery.  Whidbey Artists Gallery (co-op), is planning on opening a gallery in Langley soon.

I would recommend all artists become more knowledgeable and take these classes next year.  The conference was well-managed; the classes were too short for everything I was learning, but long enough to teach me how much more I needed to know.  Wherever you live, find out what your community has to offer to help you learn how to make it in this fast-paced art world.  Catch phrase of the day:  "SUCCESS IS A SOCIAL ACTIVITY"

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