Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What a weekend for art!  Our group, Langley Artists Connect, had a huge presence at the U.S. Bank parking lot.
We had artists, like Aaron Copeland, Henry Stinson, Albert Rose, Anne Belov, and more.  We had models in costume from Whidbey Island Center for the Arts.  My favorites were the mother and kids in costume from Oliver.  The art from all the artists was displayed in one large tent, the models were front and center on a podium.  Gordy Edberg and Truman Castle shared a tent right next to me.  Ron Kasprisin came on Sunday and did watercolor demos.  Also, Ann Belov brought her small printing press and created some beautiful prints!  Henry and another gal did their $100 portrait sitting special.
Each person in Langley Artists Connect, (Faye Castle, Truman Castle, Anne Belov, Cary Jurrianns, Albert Rose, Gordy Edberg, & myself), donated a painting or two for a raffle, to help pay for this extravaganza and at 3pm on Sunday we started pulling names and calling the winners.  Cary Jurrianns from Whidbey Island Fine Art Studios was the driving force behind this whole venture, Sandra Logan from Museo, kept us organized.  Thank you Cary and Sandra!  I sold three winning tickets to friends, two of whom only bought one ticket each.  Sometimes just $5. will make you the winner.  We can't wait until next year to help people and art connect!  Here are the sketches I did.
Brooke Sinclair as the Lady in Waiting in 12th Night

Stripes and Sunflowers!  I couldn't resist!

Christina Parker costume from the Bar Scene, Oliver

Sarah Parker, pickpocket and Megan Parker as an orphan in Oliver.

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