Friday, June 15, 2012

Catching up

This month has flown!   The sketches below are the results of a class I took with Fay Castle.  The goal was to find your "what".  For me that means not painting everything in sight and making them all important!  In this case below it was my fellow student sitting on an upside down flower pot, sketching the flowers in front of her at the Crockett Barn.  You will note, I made a sort of value sketch to identify the light and shadow.  Next goal drop a color, then a complimentary color and let them blend. This was fun and a needed reminder to me, the blender of paint, to let the watercolors do the work.  A fresher look can be achieved by paying attention to the basics. 


Gloria, 5 months loves pillows better than bed.

While visiting Northern California, we gorged on Rainier cherries

Another version of my painting friend done with markers.  I like the attitude of her feet on the side.

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