Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer fun

Summer goes so quickly here on Whidbey. We rush to and fro trying to have fun, paint the beautiful scenes and be involved with festivals.  This leaves out the garden, work and "cooking", I have to work to squeeze those necessary evils into my life.  Actually, I love the garden and it looks so pretty this year, almost overgrown.  This is a good thing because it shades out weeds.  I'll do some sketches later.  Here are some sketches of Chochookam, and local scenes.
I'm not happy with my mini palette lately.  Its too hard to moisten those cakes of paint and it ruins my brush tips.  I may be moving back to the slightly larger palette with the squeezed tubes.  Yes, I do squeeze new paint into those small holes of the WNewton palette, but.... small holes=brush tips don't like it.  Yes, I moisten the whole palette, but it dries out quickly in warm weather.  Maybe I need to join the sketchers more often after our meeting for whine, I mean wine. ;-)  till next time.
Jim Lamb painting from photos.  I scrunched him onto the page, he is a tad taller! 8-)

Slow day working at the gallery, so I sketched Windemere and my little Subaru.

Rainy on and off at Langley harbor, blah colors

Little girl posing for her portrait, while Mom figures out how to work the phone.

Sherryl's birthday at Mary's on First Street.  This is the view from her window (Music for the Eyes)

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