Thursday, April 25, 2013

Studio Cleanup and Paint

"After" on one wall, see below for "before" and the mess!

One clean corner

Spring is here and the power of fresh clean, organized spaces have been making me work all week.  I have repainted and cleaned the guest room, even reorganizing the shelves in the closet.  Painted the hallway the next day to match the color of the Living Room, what was I thinking with two different colors!  Marching along that wing of the house, I took a look at my studio (two bedrooms converted into studio/office)

and decided to go for it!  I had already done some rearranging of the furniture, but now the walls were calling out, paint me, paint me!  So, I went from a pale anemic color on the wall to Pottery Barn's Berkshire Beige.
It is an interesting neutral, kind of like a mud puddle and water.  Remember, mucking about in a pile of wet mud.  You could tap it and smooth it like cement, the water would rise to the surface, the edges would remain dark, light from the sky would shine on the surface.  This is how this color looks on the wall, light and warm on one wall, deep and cool on another.  Anyhow, the paintings stand out very nicely with this background.
Light vs dark

The mess!

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  1. looks great pat. your hard work will pay off. nothing better than an organized space. i predict many sales of your new stuff as the spotlight artist. wish we could stroll into the studio and spy the display.


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