Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buttons and just for fun spoons

I have been exploring button options for my blog and web page.  This is like walking thru sink sand off the Island.  After a while you just lay your body out to distribute the weight and crawl to firmer ground. The big question:  How far away is that firmer ground or in this case, will the information penetrate my brain when I get there.  Today, I have had minor success and here is how it happened from a true lay persons point of view.  By that I mean someone who speaks no geek and can be understood by a five year old.

This is what I did!
I've been trying to add a pinterest button to this blog.  I honestly don't know how this happened; I read and reread, watched a video on youtube and it all sounded like gibberish because I couldn't find the about button on my pinterest page.   So I went back to the page on pinterest where it says where I am from and found symbols that look like this <> with a pencil, clicked on it and up popped a window with "THE CODE".  I copied the code, went back to this page and there it was.  Magic!

Here are some spoons that I have collected and spent last night drawing.  They may show up as a painting.  See if you can pin it!

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