Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Duane (ism's) or progression with a paper towel

This week, I have been practicing: "Finding the sharpest edge and the softest edge where it dissolves;
Trying not to hide my trail of how I got from a to b;  Pushing and pulling with color; Being messy on purpose" using paper towels to get forms quickly.  I chose the paper towel over palette knife for finger control and to use less paint.  I don't mind messy, but sticky is icky.  I haven't got a knife that is flexible enough.  Yet!

Working from a photo, I painted cows under dappled light.  In order not to get caught up in the details too soon, the 8x11 photo was about 5 feet away.  After setting out my limited palette, I took one half sheet of paper towel and started placing shapes onto my roughly gridded 11x14 canvas.  I'm still not sure about a couple of things, like the nose on the gold cow, but the distance makes it hard to discern.
It was so much easier to see the shape of the nose on the spotted cow.
This was good practice.  I used more paint than usual and tried to leave my brush strokes visible. Important!  To get the cows curious, you have to sing to them.  I sing "You are my sunshine".  ;-)

1. Grid and start coloring
2. more shapes and values  still with paper towel

Distant photo
The cows are starting to shape up. I'm refining loosely with brush!

Curious cows   Finished?

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