Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cleaning out the sketch supplies

I've spent two days going thru colors, making samples, deciding how much to simplify my sketch supplies.  It truly was a big mess of STUFF,  IMPORTANT STUFF, but never needed all at the same time.  This started because I watched a James Gurney video and then read his blog.

I now have two similar small paint boxes so that if I need an extra for certain colors, it can be grabbed.  The paint box is filled with a combination of tube watercolor and Daniel Smith watercolor sticks in a Schminke box.
The colors are: Aureolin yellow, orange yellow? Q Gold, cad red, Alizarin, Q magenta, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, Cobalt Turq, Prussian or is it Windsor blue, Sap green, Yellow Ochre, Q Burnt Sienna, Violet, Cerulean blue.

I have also put water based ink into two plastic Japanese brushes, and added some watercolor pencils.
This part is experiment for me as I just like to paint and can't draw a straight line very well without a ruler.
I've been using a small cooler to carry my supplies because it gives me a table like surface to put my paints and water on.  The trouble is, it is a large container and collects unneeded items.  So my challenge is to keep this small and simple.  Anyone that really knows me (like my kids-another gadget Mom?) will be watching closely.  ;-)

The challenge

The journey

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