Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keeping busy

Do you ever get the feeling, why am I sitting here watching these dumb reruns.  Most of the time I'm being or trying to be sociable.  ;-)  When that happens, I look for things to keep me happy, like sketching whatever doesn't move.  Its a good time to really look at things, because the light is soft and unfocused making it difficult to determine shadows.  A real challenge.
Laci was really zonked in these sketches and not suspicious as usual.

It must have been the long walk we took to make her so sleepy.
Sandy J.  gave me some beautiful quince with the leaves attached!  The leaves can be so many different shades of green because of the fuzzy coating and the way they twist and curl.  You will probably see more of these!

No linework Judi!

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