Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Haitus over?

Such busy times these days; building a house and preparing to sell the home we have had for 16 years.
There hasn't been much time for painting or sketching. 

This week I took a break and met with the sketchers at Paradise Found Fiber Farm.  Hmm, PFFF.?
I don't think the darling Alpacas and Llamas would think much of the acronym.  There was Donatello and Misty Mae and at least a dozen alpacas and all my friends were sitting in the yard with them.  One of the alpacas was a comical creature, brownish red with a fat white nose and buck teeth. 

Alpacas are such friendly creatures and calm if you are calm and always communicating with each other.  The Llamas like Donatello watch over them looking out for danger.  Donatello was one of the most beautiful Llamas I have every seen,  black and white with patches and spots similar to an Apaloosa pony.

Unfortunately, these animals are in constant movement, chewing and dipping their heads into the hay, so my sketches are not how I would like them to be.  But, that's the point of this blog, its about the journey.  One of these days I will understand their anatomy and get a decent drawing.

Several of my spoon paintings are hanging at Prima for about a month.  It's a show that WIFAS (Cary) is hanging to show students work  from classes and mentoring with Cary Jurriaans in particular.  Go on up and see what we've been doing!
Donatello & Misty Mae

Fresh Geranium


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