Sunday, June 28, 2015

Figurative drawing

I like to draw people, but don't obsess over the exact features.  I guess its because I can only concentrate on so much at one time and lately it has been Still life, Sketching or Landscape.  So when Cary, (WIFAS) invited my to push myself and come to the all day model drawing,  I accepted the challenge.
It was a peaceful afternoon in her garden; a warm day for Whidbey, but cool under the trees.  The models I sketched were, Isis, beautiful and classical and Olivia, tiny and doll-like with creamy skin. At the last minute I decided to do a quick sketch of Chris our favorite bartender.

I say I sketched these models but it was with the brush. I started trying to draw them with a flat graphite, but then went to my tried and true dark and light wash pencil.  Once I started forming the shapes from pencil drawing, it was a hop, skip and a jump to just using the one inch brush with watercolor.  I can set in shapes, looking for the dark shapes that make the lighter values stand out, when I am finished, I add pen lines for definition.
Chris, sorry about the hair, it got away from me!  I loved the shirt! 

Isis, I had to define your dress more because you blended with the chair.  This was drawn with a dark wash pencil(the reason her hands are so dark 8-(.

Olivia, wearing a dress from the Shakespeare festival.  

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