Thursday, July 2, 2015

Playing around

The weather has been stifling for the Northwest.  We are staying cool by closing up the house, going near the water and generally laying low.
We love to go to the movies, but our theater is not air-conditioned.  So we sit at home watching Netflix or some semi interesting TV program.   This week I sketched from a photo just for fun.  I even started sketching it upside down.  This image is from the Whidbey Island Garden Tour after party a few years ago, arranged by flower arranging magician Kay Lagerquist.

The magic of flower arranging by Kay.

On Monday, while sitting at the Langley Marina I sketched the Schell's new home.  Love the stacked box look and the feeling Pam probably has of being up high in a birdhouse view the water and Marina.

Schell home

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