Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's happening this Winter - Nesting!

We moved.  We were settled, everything was fine; and then it wasn't.  Closets needed overhauling.  One thing led to another and I spent two weeks engineering pillows.  I say engineering because its been so long since I put in a zipper or cording that it was like school without a teacher.  Mistake after mistake!  Don't worry,  it all came back.
August 3, 2012 

The antique couch looks good, I reused material that I already had; former Ralph Lauren duvet cover, it was always was too heavy, but it makes a wonderful soft pillow cover!  A Shabby chic shower curtain (passe' according to my daughter), but I think it turned out nice.  Yes I bought some new material in a soft yellow polyester with stripes.  I like stripes!  It must be something about lining things up.  How does this relate to painting?  Well, I think I will make a sketch of the couch this week and you can compare it to the one I did a couple of years ago.

And, I have a couple of sketches done recently from our Christmas party at Barb's.

And an old truck in the late afternoon sun.
Chevy Fleetside (restored?)

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