Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Real time down on the Farm

Sky Root Farm in Clinton is a small but compact 20 acre farm with pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and a lazy dog.  Of course the day was very sunny and warm and the lazy dog was doing what sensible dogs do; lay around in the shade.
Sky Root is a sustainable farm that works hard to make the circle of life work.  In other words the Australian meat goats will clear the blackberry and other weeds and fertilize the soil, the ducks eat the slugs etc.  The pigs in this case also root up the soil and fertilize it but it means moving their compound all around the farm, then using a machine to level the field.  Too much trouble, so the pigs will be moving on.

There is a goat; I'll call her Nervous Nellie, that just had triplets; she wouldn't feed the third kid, kept butting it away, then complaining that her other side needed to relieved of milk.  Someone in our group told her, Feed that Baby and she actually did, or maybe she just got tired and mixed up.  She is a high maintenance critter that will be finding a new home.  On the other hand the Australian meat goats with only one kid, have turned out to be fine and helpful tenants and their troop will be expanded.

We stayed and provided happy hour goodies, then shared sketches under the tree with everyone chatting and having a good time on a lovely warm afternoon.
 I forgot to paint the legs on the table with the Kohlrabi.
Kohlrabi (delicious) and washing station in the background.

Elle, an intern from Chicago, spending the summer away from the heat and humidity of Illinois!  Smart girl!
Nervous Nellie with 3 kids dreaming of a vacation already and the kids are only a couple of days old!  Some Mother!

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