Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nancy Salmon's Garden

What a treat!  This was my kind of creative gardening, a beautiful house, and art in the garden.  Nancy is a delight, has 3 gorgeous Bernese Mountain dogs, collects recycled items and incorporates them into her large garden.  She is lucky to have her own well too as the sprinkler was merrily watering the whole time we were there.  Down here in Langley, we pay big bills, even on a small lot.  I'm jealous!
Deb and I arrived a day early, thanks to Mary and Nancy.  I'm monitoring a class starting tomorrow and she had a Dr's appt five minutes away today, so we asked about sketching Thursday.
The front of the house caught my eye with the symbol of the salmon and the colorful orange umbrella.  Later, I slipped around the side of the house and drew the back of the "Outhouse".  It has a gothic window frame that really dresses it up!  Our sketchers group will have fun tomorrow!!!

Clever garden outhouse (back)

Mary in the front garden, Salmon on the chimney.

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