Saturday, July 2, 2016

Uncluttering my desktop

Duck duck goose?

Gordon the goose- still can't make the neck long enough.8-(

Annie Hortons Hollyhocks

I've been too busy lately to give this blog the attention it needs.  Many of the recent sketches have been sitting on the desktop waiting for their day of glory.  Some of them are more than a month old. Its been so nice to be able to sketch outside, even though the weather will change quickly and we bundle up more or run inside for a different point of view and to stay warm.

Topless lighthouse ;-)  I might add a fold out for the roof!

Starting with the  Annie Hortons country garden all the back to Ferry Coffee trailer and Mukilteo Lighthouse, then Bob Bowling Sheds.  Here goes!

Quick sketch of the cheery coffee trailer at Clinton
Little shed, pretty garden
Bob Bowling Rustics
shovel weather vane and other decorative items

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