Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miss Yang

Miss Yang, is about 18 years of age, small, (about 7 pounds) but mighty.  She can yowl with the best, particularly when she is commanding us to perform for her.  She likes a warm body or sun at all times; jumps into a chair when you leave; wants to water to run from the faucet in the bathroom so she can drink fresh; she just doesn't understand water rationing!  Her sister Yin was twice her size and very beautiful with a dark mask and bright blue eyes!  
Yang is on the mousey side for a Himalayan, can take the roughest of scratching around her head, has always purred like crazy and been easy to live around until recently.  In this sketch she is in a favored position, meditating or ignoring?  She has always loved to put her face down and zone out.  I think I'm writing this because she is getting so old and cantankerous that we will truly miss her when she passes on.
Yang meditates

Ted's chair and couple of other poses

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