Saturday, December 16, 2017

December sketching

November and December fly by and I feel lucky to find time to sit and meditate while sketching.
In November we went to the Olympic Mist Alpaca Farm, learned how to make eco printed silk scarves and make a not so quick sketch of the lovely and surprisingly friendly alpacas.  It was a standing up, freezing my fingers sketch, but the girls were wonderful and hung out with me!

One of my favorite subjects is the Fossek Farm and the view while at St Hubert's at 3rd and DeBruyn.  I was driving up the street one morning and the light was so unique that I pulled over and sketched a couple of different views while sitting in the sunshine-filled car.

This was sketched and shaded with water-soluble walnut ink.

Yesterday we went to Debra Campbell's beautiful home and had our pick of wonderful vignettes to sketch.  I managed three!
So, let's see if I can get these sketches on the page so they make sense...

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