Saturday, June 9, 2018

I'm baack!

My brain has been on idle for the past six months.  I'm still out there creating art, but the business of posting got lost in the shuffle.
So, here are a few things I have done since my last post.  (Bless me Father for I have....not blogged) ;-)
What I did do recently was fly to California to participate in a plein air oil painting class with Carol Marine.  About a dozen hardy women and one lovely man took a class in and around Carmel and Pacific Grove.  I am so happy I did this, it tested my mettle.  I didn't embarrass myself (too much) by tripping over the tripod.  I did discover that trucking off by yourself with two suitcases and a backpack will not be happening again.  My forays into plein air will be here in the Northwest where I can drive my car and paint my favorite parts of Whidbey Island all without being too far from my wheels.  Things I learned, I hope: Blocking in to examine the value and design of the scene you want to paint.  Red cellophane helps to see the lack of values.  Details come later and as Sergei Bongart said, "don't paint the fleas before the dog"  This is harder than you might think!  I'm still trying to work on the block in work we did in the field and if anything comes from it, you will see it here.
Meanwhile, I took my sketchbook instead of oils up the hill to see China Cove and the bird sanctuary at Pt. Lobos and this is what I am posting along with a couple of current sketches.

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