Friday, September 7, 2018

June - August

It seems summer is flying by and with garden work, summer fun, like the Studio Tour, Super Garage sale and work at the Gallery, I haven't been posting very much.
I have not painted too many oils this summer, or should I say finished paintings..  The trip to Monterey/Carmel, painting with Carol Marine was very rewarding and I followed up plein air painting by monitering a class with T.J. Cunningham in our local area.
Personally, it has been a summer of eye stuff.  I had cataract surgery in June and then again in August.  Once, the first eye is unveiled you are amazed at how blue and cool everything looks; you keep winking from one eye to the other to see how yellow everything looks back to blue and clear.  I felt very worried about what I would be painting and if I would be reviewing the colors of my oils.  (yes!!)  I will post a couple of "finished" oils next time.

So, here is a brief recap of summer in sketches                  
Red Rooster Antique Mall and Kang's Lavender Farm, Freeland

Madrona Park in Anacortes and Rocket Taco in Freeland.
Sideview of Fossek's Farm and the WiFi cafe in Freeland

Visiting Westport WA.  Took an afternoon to sit in the sun and sketch the waterways and chilly beach.

Sunny Sunday sketching in Langley and Cloudstone park on Friday.

View from Lauri's house and Bob Bowling Rustics workplace.

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